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I'm an  20-year-old-student from Germany. My hometown - ok actually it's a village - is Vorbach. Until June I went to school in Eschenbach. Regrettably many pages are only available in German but I try to offer more and more pages in English in the next weeks and months. I'm a big fan of FC Bayern München, a German Football Club. You can find  the latest articles and information underneath the following border line.

The role of history in Brave New World

This is an interpretation of Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave new world". It was edited at school when I was in the 11th grade. My Co-author is Christoph Herbert Eduard Ziegler. The text concerns the role of history as you probably know if you've read the caption. 

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Poter's life extended - that's the second part of Poter's life. Here you find  even more embarrassing stories of Poter's life. 

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Poter's life - that is the life of Poter, a fictitious guy who has a very hard life. After two long years the story is also available in English, finally. Just read about his hard life - maybe it makes you laughing! [read on]

Soccer disaster - Germany cheated by spanish referee?

After the match against Serbia the spanish referee is under a cloud of having cheated the German team. He showed  unusual many yellow cards to the DFB-Team  for fouls that obviously were not fouls. As a consequence Miroslav Klose was sent off the field though unjustifiedly. What do you think, did the referee commit fraud? Please write your opinion into the forum! [click here to open the thread]


An Interview with Mr. Meier. He likes playing online-games and he's quite succesful. Here you get more information about his life, his opinions and his aims. [read on]