I'm a 19-year-old high-school graduate living in Vorbach, a small village in BY, Germany. Bigger cities near by Vorbach are Eschenbach i.d.Opf. and Bayreuth - twenty minutes away by car. This year I've passed my A levels at Gmynasium Eschenbach.
You wonder what is the reason, that someone like I need a website? Well, actuallay I don't need one, but I webdesign because of boredom and as I like working with computer languages.
If you think, "wow, another webpage about such a deadhead - that's not interesting at all!", I'd like you to give suggestions of improvement to me.  Thanks :-)
I like
stop it!
►vacation, festivals, friends and freetime
►real good music and in-ear-headphones
►How I met your mother and the Simpsons
►soccer worldcups
►the invention n USB and mp3
►Allianz-Arena Munich and the local soccer club FC Bayern
►iced coffe and coke
►big cities
►Billy Talent
►photo compositions
►short living accus
►having no mobile network reception
►lost derbies
►yes-persons and panjandrums
►Party-people being roaring drunk