Poter's life

Poter's life:

Poter's life -  that's a column about a 15-year-old boy who lives in a fictitious village near Vorbach and has a very hard life. However, keep attention! Foreign words may not have their real meaning in some parts of the text; the author is not responsible for the content of the text.Though, first of all i would like to thank my benefactors und friends for motivating me to write this column: These guys are  Florian Dötsch, Christian Miedel and Patrick Hösl. They are the reason that you can read this text now! So I'd say, get it started! But don't forget: Every word in this text is true!  

The nightmare origins in  kindergarden

Let's call this fictitious guy "Poter" (dirty laughter). He grew up in any village in Upper Franconia near a village that's called "Vorbach". As a young boy he dared to join the local kindergarden though he was not really successful: It was probably on a Tuesday but nobody knows it for sure... Poter was slipping down a slide for the first time. Today nobody is able to understand why he did it maybe he just did not know how to slip - however he slept down the slide from behind - with a disastrous consequence: On the slide (length: 1,20 meters) he got so fast that he was not able to diminish his velocity and so he drilled himself a hole into is head and he was sent into a hospital immediadetly. The editorial staff of doesn't know if he still has any permanet damage caused by that horrifying crash though you cannot obviate that... 

New strokes of fate in elementary school

Poter has just been  in elementary school for some months when the next quaint happening of his life came true: In school he has been always studious, though some of his compositions casted a cloud over his skills. It was probably on a Tuesday but nobody knows it for sure... Poter read his composition that he did at home in front of class and got admiration by the teacher Mrs. Zumpe. Mrs. Zumpe was excited about the big number of foreign words that Poter put into his composition. When he finished reading he was asked by the teacher, amazed by Poter's show, if he was intellectually gifted and asked about the meaning of some of that foreign words that he used. However, Poter didn't answer. He just said nothing and didn't have a clue at all. So the teacher realized that Poter's compisition was edited by Poter's mother.
 Curiously this described situation didn't happen just one time but several times...
This was not the only mentionable story of his elementary school-career: It was probably on a Tuesday but nobody knows it for sure...Poter was a student of the 2nd grade and visited a school-organized-reading-overnight stay, for dinner he ate spaghetti. Though he didn't really like his meal so the noodles "went" back from his stomach via gullet out of his mouth - he spat out all noodles. Unfortunately his puke lied all over that place where the teachers planned a social-gathering. As a consequence this had to be cancelled because noone was able to look at the polluted place.

One year later, it was probably on a Tuesday but nobody knows it for sure, Poter was looking for a crowl for his first sommunion in a cloister. He met a nice nun immediately who saluted him with the following words: "Oh hello, your are such a nice girl!"...

Comeback in high school?

Unfortunately the try of a restart at a new school totaly went wrong: It was probably on a Tuesday but nobody knows it for sure...Poter was standing at the fireproof door when his classmate Fabian offered him 10 € for opening that door. 
Poter did, without thinking twice, what Fabian wanted from him and activated the fire alarm unknowing  by opening that special door. As fast as he was able to he ran frightened to the office. On the way he was caught by Mr. Müller (the music-teacher) who stoped the alarm at once.

I found another mentionable story in a composition: 
It was probably on a Tuesday but nobody knows it for sure...Poter was the big pianist of the school-concert. When the audience sat down, Poter started playing the piano however he started unfortunately early -  the violin players just have not been ready...So Poter screaming  ran out of the auditorium and locked himself in a toilet-booth. The Conductor, Mr. Müller jumped horrified off his seat to look for Poter but nobody ever saw him again - at least on this evening. Mr. Müller had to cancel the concert cause there was no way of continuing the event without the pianist. So Poter definitely wrote history!

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