Interview with M.Meier

This is a file photo of Mr. Meier The interviewee is Mister Meierhe values his anonymity. He is a big fan of a browsergame, called "Plantonian". We ask him about his life in reality and in cyberspace.

Mr. Meier, as it is known you are a big browsergame-player. What do you like so much of playing this game, what is the charme of that internet-activity? 

 Well, you mention the declarative keyword: "Internet". Here everything changes unbelievably fast, cause there are people to screw 24 hours a day and that's the thing I like. All the time something new can happen and e.g. you don't fight against the CPU but against real people.

Does it mean playing against humans makes you feeling like being in a second world?

Meier: You are right.

Please describe the story of Projekt-Neuland, what is it about?

 Well indeed it is a browsergame so you play it on the internet. You can call it also a science fiction strategygame. Every member acts a colonist's role who has to establish a new economic system on a foreign planet. The special thing is, that he has the possibility of attacking other colonists. I don't like this aspect of violence however so you are forced to keep house in order to be safe when others attac you.

Honestly, do you do your job well, are you succesful?

 I'm the second best of many thousands players...

Amazing though, who is better than you?

Meier: He calls himself "Mesa", he's really brillant!

Do you like being the second best?

 No, I'm going to slam Mesa! In the end I'll be the best.

On which day do you think will you be the best?

Meier: You know, I'm a boy who has to define permanent aims himself in order to be succesful. I think of August 31st, then I'll be the potentest player in that game. Don't worry, my plan is absolutely firm.

Tell us your plan, please!

 You know that I can't do that, whatever happens!

Of course. Well unfortunately we have to finish but we wish you good luck for finishing your plan!